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  • 2009.12.27 Sunday
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  • by スポンサードリンク



 Just got home like not long ago and like finally ! I'm tired and jelly after only like 2 hours of sleep . Ytd went to cine w SockChin , walao this girl hor damn choosy one ! Want watch avatar 3D then don't want front rows say will headache giddy .... What a irritating girl ! Then we went to eat omelette (how to spell ? nvm-.-) then went to Justin(sockchin's bitch) house which was like in geylang ! Took bus down , the uncle damn cute , we ask him where is CCHS then he say he dunno! As we were pajiao , we saw a building called Ch.... something then we were like 'OMG reach already' then when we alight we were totally lost and we walk like 2 bus stop! Walking in geylang at night is damn wtf , banglahs and perverts were everywhere assuming that every girl who works/lives/walks/sits in geylang is a prostitute! Finally reach the bus stop and then we took bus to the budget supermarket to shop for our steamboat ingredients we bought prawns cabbage crabsticks bacon sausages enokimushrooms fishballs and some other stuff . After awhile , (continue blog later)


 sleepwakeupeatworkeateateat .
Christmas shopping ytd .
Merry christmas everyone ! bye .


 Hello , i'm too lazy to blog nowadays , even to update blogshop x.x ok byebye . anything contact me via phone .


 Sat was a boring day at work , the sales are damn bad and i'm so tired that i lean against the shelf i can fall asleep . Aft work wanted to go starbucks w Joojoo then in the end went to macs instead , anyway got my Iced Latte ! Then aft that Keong(kelvin) came to have his supper . Was suppose to meet Gao(Jaryl) for his Macs then tell him to come Np's macs , in the end he didn't even have his supper ! Aft peeing we go drinking at gao's pub park then went to krislan to pee :X Gao damn funny he was like 'you ok or not? wait i go home take orange juice' then he went home and he came out and say there's no orange juice ! Then gao left to meet his friends , pangseh us :( then we went chamber for 1 hr playing audi ._. then cab to keong's house then joojoo left at 6 , then keong and i webcam disturb ppl and the person get irritated . LOL . slept awhile but can't sleep then wake up go balcony then use com saw small girl on fb then wanted to audi then can't audi wtf ! nvm then i zibi awhile then go home . And missed work :D

Had been eating fast food for the past weeks , i feel very unhealthy , fatty and heatyyyyyy , i think i'm sick , starting to get sore throat , maybe feverrrrrr , nvm .

Anyway , the nightsky is damn nice lor (random) .


 Went to e1bbq after work today . It was held at the reservoir/river place near yishun stadium . Paid 10bucks for beer and food but i only ate the samba stingray and 1 satay , the stingray is damn nice and spicy :D! Aft eating the stingray i drank heineken and become blur already ! First time ._. ! Aft that joojoo cycle me to the toilet , i'm like damn scared lor , she like no standard and i dont like being lifted off the ground . Aft that walk back to the bus stop outside jiemin, damn far can but it's , we walk talk and sing then reach already :D Jealous harh ? Photos pls click on the link .


cheap cosmetics= face disaster

 Went for pizzahut lunch w joojoo ! and the soup of the day is tomato soup , hate that the most , remembering how we play with the soup that day...

Anyway today's sales is better than ytd's and i'm damn hungry now , i want fishball noodles :(

ok , due to the fking cheap/dirty/bad blusher/foundation i'm using , my face is like fking disgusting now ! and summore got mozzie bite leh , why would a mozzie wanna bite my face lor , fking blood sucker . And my skin is like damn dry , i need something to replenish the water in my skinnn! And i nid a good blusher . ok maybe is because i use the avene cleansing foam and that one can make skin dry like fk , should not use it everyday ._. Andddddddddd if it's not treated now , it will turn into a world map soon la fk !


 Anyway , i want a chiffon toga like this

only $38 in bugis street lvl 2 ! I want the gray one ok , if you want buy for me then i tell you the particular shop :D

Christmas is coming , i want see lights ! and do some christmas shopping !

Shopping spree with toolah~

 Click here for pics !


Anyway , still haven't finish shopping as when i got my money ytd , like most of the shops are closed/closing , wtf :(

Anyway , working later ! buhbye .

Out w Eunice @ town .

Pics here . Click on the link to see .

Sorry Toolah >< Didn't see the tags !

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